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Stainton Moses – A Theosophist in spite of himself?

12 Oct 2019

Stainton Moses – A Theosophist in spite of himself?

In 1875, Stainton Moses, the leading English Spiritualist began corresponding with Col. Olcott and Madame Blavatsky , who shortly formed the Theosophical Society in New York. At some point, Moses became a Fellow, but soon resigned. In his “Old Diary Leaves” Col. Olcott wrote warmly about their discussions and experiments, which had suggested a relationship between the powers of Moses and those of H.P.B.

Moses later became an important character in “The Mahatma Letters”, mostly received in India. And in “The Theosophist “ founded in 1879; the Spiritualist newspaper “LIGHT” (from 1881), and elsewhere, he and HPB debated for over a decade the strengths and weaknesses of their differing interpretations of the powers latent in man.

Using archival material kindly made available in 2019 by the Adyar Archives, and the papers of Moses preserved in London at the College of Psychic Studies (founded in 1884 by Stainton Moses as “The London Spiritualist Alliance”) an attempt is made to explain why Moses first joined, and then left the T.S., and to what extent he was part of “The Theosophical Enlightenment” postulated by Joscelyn Godwin in his 1994. Study.