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James A. Santucci

James A. Santucci


James A. Santucci is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at California State University, Fullerton.  Since 1990, he has been editor of Theosophical History, founded by Leslie Price in 1985, and since 1993 editor of Theosophical History Occasional Papers (  He received his B.A. degree in history at Iona College (New Rochelle, N.Y.), M.A. at the University of Hawaii (Manoa campus) in Asian Studies, and PhD in the field of Asian Civilizations at Australian National University (Canberra).  He is the author of articles and books in Theosophical history, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the religions of the U.S., including La società teosofica and co-author of America’s Religions.  He is also a contributor (Sanskrit language) to The Intercontinental Dictionary Series under the editorship of the late Mary Ritchie Key and current General Editor Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology).

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13 Oct 2019