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Third International Conference on Theosophical History 1988

15th - 17th July 1988

Third International Conference on Theosophical History
15th – 17th July 1988

The Theosophical History Centre, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 3HJ, aided by a grant from The Theosophical World Trust for Education and Research.

Provisional Programme.

15th July

  • Algernon Blackwood’s Brief Episode in the Theosophical Society – Ted G. Davy (Canada) read in absentia.
  • Welcome by Dr Hugh Gray, General Secretary, Theosophical Society in England, followed by reading in absentia of; HPB’s Sources in the Key to Theosophy – Dr J-L Siémons (Paris).
  • The First Theosophists? The Juliani and the Chaldean Oracles – Stephen Ronan (who has recently republished Mead’s ‘Echoes from the Gnosis)

16th July

  • Metrovitch and the Carbonari Connection – Paul Johnson (Virginia USA) (In absentia)
  • The Ancient Wisdom and the Modern Child – Kevin Tingay
  • The Tibetan Connection; Contrary Views – Jean Overton Fuller, author of Blavatsky and her Teachers (1981)
  • Robert Gilbert puts the case against.
  • Rene Guenon and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor – Ian Brown (Manjushri London Centre)
  • The Renaissance Origins of Western Occultism – Simon Seligman
  • There is no Religion Higher Than…. Approaching Theosophical History – Dr Gregory Tillett

17th July

  • Presidential Address, Theosophical History Centre – Dr J. H. Dubbink
  • The Alice Bailey Corpus in the Context of Modern World History – Thomas Daffern
  • A Century of Blavatsky Lodge, London – Lillian Storey (President of the Lodge)
  • Inner Adventures – Dr E. Lester Smith introduces his new Quest book, and reports on the Theosophical Research Centre
  • Yeats and the T.S. After 1890 – Roger Parrisious describes some new documentary evidence