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Second International Conference on Theosophical History

15th - 17th July 1988

Second International Conference on Theosophical History
17 – 19 July 1987

The Theosophical History Centre, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 3HJ, aided by a grant from The Theosophical World Trust for Education and Research.

17 July

  • H.P.B. and the T.S. – D. Buxey (Bombay) read in absentia.
  • Welcome by Dr Hugh Gray, General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England, followed by reading in absentia of; Tokaram Tatya (the pioneer Bombay Theosophist) – N. C. Ramanujachary (National LEcturer, Indian T.S.)
  • New Developments in Shamballa – Ian Brown (Manjushri London Centre)

18 July

  • Mrs Bailey, Mr Leadbeater and Kundalini – Miss Jean Overton Fuller, who is writing a book on the later Theosophical developments.
  • Mahatma Letters: Further Research Proposals – Dr Vernon Hassison
  • Brother XII and the Aquarian Foundation – Professor James Santucci (California State University) (in absentia)
  • H.P.B. and Albert Ramson (An American witness to her Middle Eastern travels – Paul Johnson (Virginia, USA).
  • Unattached Member – A.E. Waite and the Theosophical Society – Robert Gilbert (author of  forthcoming biography of Waite)
  • Trevor Barker Remembered – Enoch Holmes and other British members of the T.S. (Pasadena)
  • The English Section and the House of Commons – Kevin Tingay
  • The Impact of Theosophy on Astrology – Nick Campion (President, Astrological Lodge London)

19 July

  • The History of the T.S. (Adyar) in the Netherlands – Dr J. H. Dubbink
  • Theosophy and Religious Ritual – Dr Mary Carman Rose (Baltimore Lodge) President of The Academy of Religion and Physical Research, USA
  • Dion Fortune and Theosophy – Simon Buxton of T.H.C. add to Alan Richardson’s recent biography “Priestess”
  • Universal Brotherhood: The History of a T.S. Object – Kirby Van Mater (General Secretary, T.S. (Pasadena)
  • Esoteric Theosophy in Historical Perspective – John Cooper (Australia) (in absentia)
  • Theosophical History Centre, Presidential Address Krishnamurti Unmasked – Walter A. Carrithers Jr (Blavatsky Foundation) (in absentia)